Provincial Nominee Immigration

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Provincial Nominee Immigration

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Each Canadian Province has the authority to nominate applicants for Canadian Permanent Residence through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The Provincial Nominee Program offers immigration opportunities to international graduates, investors, as well as skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Immigrating to Canada as a Provincial Nominee

There are over 80 PNP streams across Canada. Program rules vary and change frequently. In broad terms, candidates in the following categories will be well positioned to qualify:

  • Recent graduates of a Canadian education program
  • Those currently working in an in-demand occupation in Canada
  • Those who are able to start a business, or invest in an existing Canadian business

Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program

Becoming a provincial nominee is desirable for candidates who otherwise do not qualify to enter the Express Entry system, or are in the system but do not have enough points to qualify. 

Candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for Express Entry may still be able to apply for a PNP stream and immigrate directly through a provincial nomination. Additionally, candidates already in the Express Entry system may use a provincial nomination to boost their score and immigrate through the Express Entry system.

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