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Family reunification is a major pillar of Canada's immigration policy. For that reason, if you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to obtain Permanent Resident status. If you are a full-time worker or student, your spouse may be eligible for an open work permit.

Who Can Sponsor Their Spouse for Canadian Permanent Residence?

You can be a sponsor if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, living in Canada or abroad, or
  • You are a Canadian permanent resident, living in Canada

If you aren't yet a permanent resident, getting your PR is the first step. If you are in this situation, contact us to see how we can help you get your permanent residence.

What can I do if I am not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident?

If you are currently a full-time student at a Canadian program which is eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit, then your spouse may be eligible for a visa, and a Spousal Open Work Permit, which will allow them to join you in Canada.

If you are currently a full-time worker in Canada, in an occupation listed as NOC level 0, A, or B, then your spouse may also be eligible for a visa, and a Spousal Open Work Permit.

Permanent Residence will be possible for the whole family once either you or your spouse qualify for a permanent residence program.

Additional Requirements for the Sponsor for Permanent Residence:

To sponsor you also need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Prove that you can financially support your spouse, and any other dependents, once they get their permanent residence
  • Promise to financially take care of all sponsored people for the required period of time.

Who Can be Sponsored to Canadian Permanent Residence?

In order to be sponsored, you need to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Spouses: a spouse is someone who is legally married to their sponsor.
  2. Common-law Partners: a common-law partner has been living with their sponsor for at least one year, in a marriage-like relationship. They can be living apart, if one year of living together was established previously.
  3. Conjugal Partners: a conjugal partner lives outside of Canada in a marriage-like relationship with the sponsor, but is unable to live with them due to factors out of their control.

Including Children in the Sponsorship

If you are being sponsored, you can include your dependent children in the application. A dependent child is defined as:

  • Under 22 years old, and without a spouse or common-law partner, or
  • Over 22 years old, but has dependent on their parents for support since before 22, and can't support themselves due to a physical or mental condition

Sponsorship Streams

There are two types of spousal sponsorship: Outland and Inland.

Outland Sponsorship

Outland sponsorship is suitable for when the sponsored person resides outside of Canada, or if the sponsor plans to spend time outside of Canada while the application is processing.

Inland Sponsorship

If the sponsored person already has valid status in Canada, they can apply by inland sponsorship. Inland applicants may apply for an open work permit in order to work while their application is processing.

What are the financial requirements?

Unlike Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship, there is no minimum income that needs to be met to sponsor your spouse. However, you need to demonstrate that you will be able to financially support your whole family after they become permanent residents. This is most easily done by proving your current employment, or presenting a viable relocation and support plan.

Proving that the Relationship is Genuine

Proving that you have a genuine relationship is an essential part of the sponsorship application. Some of the main items include:

For spouses: The marriage certificate, and documentation from your wedding.

For common-law partners: Proof that you are living together, and have been so for at least the past year.

In all cases, you need to demonstrate financial interdependence, and the desire to have a shared life together. Additional documentation that may be needed includes  photographs of important moments in the relationship, proof of correspondence and travel together, and support letters from friends and family.

There are some factors that may lead to a closer look at genuineness of the relationship, which means that strong proof should be provided. These factors include:

  • A large age gap between partners
  • Differences in religion between partners
  • Differences in social or economic status between partners
  • A short relationship length
  • The relationship is not recognized by friends or family
  • A history of sponsorship or immigration applications

How Long Does it Take To Sponsor?

The full process usually takes about 12 months. The full processing time depends on many factors, and individual times do vary. The Government of Canada provides estimates of processing times, but these are only general guidelines.

Should I work with a Representative (Lawyer or Consultant)?

Sponsors and applicants have the option to prepare and submit an application by themselves, or to do so with the help of a Canadian lawyer or a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Sponsors and applicants who can interpret laws and regulations, speak English well, have the necesary free time, and have a straighforward case, may find self-representation to work for them.  Some reasons that people choose to work with a representative are:

Saving valuable time: Self-representing requires numerous hours of research, as rules and regulations are complex, and government guides don't provide full guidance for all situations. A good representative knows what to do, and when to do it, based on their past experience and training.

Reducing stress: Self-representing can lead to many late nights of reading message boards and watching Youtube guides, without being sure of what is good advice and what is bad. Using a representative you trust can help you relax, as they will tell you exactly what needs to be done for your case to be successful.

Avoiding problems and delays: There are many potential problems that can arise from small mistakes. Missing just one signature, or one page of a document can lead to the refusal and return of your application. If your application is weak in a particular area, your application processing may be put hold while more documentation is requested or you are required to attend an interview. A professionally prepared application can avoid these pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, a spousal sponsorship application takes 12 months. Some applications can be processed in as little as 6 months, while others take up to 24 months.

Yes. In fact, starting in November 2022, all spousal sponsorship applications must be completed online. It is no longer possible to submit a paper application.

Yes. There is no minimum income or employment requirement to sponsor your spouse. However, you still need to demonstrate that you can financially support them once they arrive in Canada.

Yes, it is possible for the sponsored person to be in Canada while their application is in process.

If making an Inland Sponsorship application, the sponsored person can also apply for a spousal open work permit.

In most cases, there are no interviews required for a spousal sponsorship. However, if immigration officers are not able to verify your eligibility with your documents alone, they may require the sponsored person to attend an interview. 

In general, having debt does not disqualify you from sponsoring your spouse. However, some situations will make you ineligible, including:

-You filed for bankruptcy, and have not officially discharged.

-You are currently collecting social assistance (welfare) for reasons other than a disability.

-You did not pay court-ordered alimony or child support.

-You have an outstanding (unpaid) immigration loan.

-You did not meet the terms of a past sponsorship agreement.

Canada does not have a "fiancé" visa category like the United States, so it is quite difficult to sponsor a spouse if you are not already married or in a common-law relationship. Furthermore, it is hard to get a visa solely for the purpose of getting married.

It is possible to sponsor your partner, without being married or in a common-law relationship, under the Conjugal Partner category. 

To be successful under this stream, you need to demonstrate that there are significant social or cultural barriers which prevent you from either marrying or living together as common-law partners. 

In many cases it is advisable to get married, or establish a common-law relationship before getting started, rather than to attempt a Conjugal Partner sponsorship.

You are not required to use a lawyer or an immigration consultant for your application. Using an experienced representative, however, can save you time, reduce stress, and avoid problems and delays.

If you are an international student in Canada, you will not be eligible for spousal sponsorship until you have obtained permanent residency. However, your spouse can apply for a visa join you in Canada as a temporary resident, and in some cases, also apply for a spousal open work permit.

Yes. If you have previously sponsored a spouse to Canada, you can sponsor your new spouse, provided three years have past since they became a permanent resident.

Definitely not! Marrying a Canadian does not automatically grant permanent residency to the spouse. It is always necessary to meet the requirements and make a spousal sponsorship application.

Permanent residence applications take time - 12 months on average. The fastest way to bring a spouse to Canada would be to apply for a temporary resident visa, which can be processed in as little as 2 weeks. Visas for spouses or romantic partners are challenging and entail a high risk of refusal. You are strongly recommended to get professional advice before making this type of visa application.

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    THE BEST service! University connected me with organization and with Gabriel. He is really smart and very skillful professional and know his field 100%. helped us in every matter. we basically had a person who knew everything and most importantly who took care of everything in a very efficient way. Despite the Covid-19 mess we got our visas in notime. He was supporting us in every step, from filling the applications to before departure checklist. RECOMENDED to my friends as well... After a month they also received visa. now we all are in CANADA.

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    Efficient, professional and customized service. Gabriel helped us through our study/work permit process and everything went smoothly. We'll definitely continue to work with him.

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  • Gabriel answered all my Work- visa related questions in a very professional and patient manner during an hour long consultation. I would recommend his services to everyone who wants a reliable and knowledgeable migration consultant.

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    Gabriel’s work ethics is amazing. It’s simply unbelievable how he handled our study permit. He was detailed and left no stone unturned, he pushed up to judicial review and he didn’t rest until we got approval. One of the best immigration agents out there.

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    We were looking for advice regarding business immigration to Canada, we got several consultations from these guys, we have been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and detailed knowledge. They are honest and direct and do not over-promise or try to sell you anything. We are still working through the process with them. Highly recommended!

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  • Obtaining Canadian Visa in the middle of a global pandemic seemed like an impossible task and a family reunion was out of reach. However as my parents retained My Visa Partner services, we were able to secure a 10 year visa. Gabriel guided us through the process and helped navigate restrictions and regulations (that were changing weekly). Great service, knowledgeable consultants, highly recommend.

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    Gabriel gave me efficient & helpful service by securing my student visa under such a short time-frame. I am happy to have made it in time for my Masters. After I applied myself and got my visa denied- I was a little demotivated, but Re-applying through Gabriel’s service really gave my studies a push ahead.

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